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$50 Bug and Feature Bounties

May 12, 2011 at 2:07 PM

Help us improve Math.NET Numerics. We are offering $50 bounties for finding and fixing a bug, or implementing a feature request. To claim a bug bounty, provide a unit test that demonstrates a bug and provide a fix. For a feature bounty, complete a task or feature request in the Math.NET Numerics' Issue Tracker.

Additional terms:
1) documentation or resource string typos don't count as bugs.
2) bug fixes must include a unit test that demostrates the bug.
3) all new features must include unit tests.
4) only tasks and feature requests that are added by or accepted by the Math.NET team are eligible. 
5) bounties will be paid via PayPal.
6) a maximum of 30 boutnites will be paid.
7) the Math.NET Numerics team must accept the submitted fix or feature code. The team can reject any submission for any reason.